Chef at home

Chef at home


We offer a personalized service for your menu. A simple chat with one of our team member and you will obtain a menu that fits your taste and inspirations.

We can prepare a personalized menu according to your tastes and preferences. A simple and quick chat with one of our team member will be the lead to a fantastic meal.

Go ahead, test our chef. You will discover outstanding and always delicious recipes!

Seated service

6 services: 59.99$/person

From Sunday to Friday : minimum of 10 people
Saturday : minimum of 12 people

Personalised waiter included.


49.99$/ person
Minimum of 12 people.
Offer valid for any events that will happen in June or July 2016.

Fish and lobster ceviche
Revamped Cesar salad
Lobster and shrimps bisque
Filet mignon scallops with truffle oil sauteed mushrooms and turnip purée
Dulce de leche mousse


Hors d’oeuvre

Saumosago tartar
Tempura meat balls
Crustini de boudin et échalotes
Mini chicken empanadas
Mini beef empanadas
Small boat filled with lemon-flavored meats and pinions
Squash donuts
Calu wonton
2 flavors shrimps
Fresh oysters
St-Jacques dumplings
Mini filet mignon empanadas
Shrimp toast
Honey tempura Manchego


Laminated of caramelised calf
Shrimp and coco leche ceviche
Mix ceviche (fish and shrimps)
Anticucho mini brochettes
Angus and blue cheese mini burgers
Macreuse and caramelised onions crustinis
Asian duck magret
Foie gras poutine
Paella poutine (seafood)


Endives, chocolate and artichoke bite
Fattouche salad
Reinvented Cesar salad
Mango, tomatoes and basil salad
Brie and Oka crisp salad


Butternut squash velouté and bacon
Shrimps and lobster bisque
Carrots and leeks cream
Mushrooms, cajun and truffle cream
Curry and maple sirup soup
Chili vichyssoise
Bacon smoked lentils and quinoa soup
Chupe de camarones (shrimp chowder, peruvian meal)
Curry, coconut milk and shrimp soup

Repas principal

Butler cut pork, cooked sous-vide style served with a rosemary potato gratin and fresh
Maple and plum duck confit served with quinoa
Sea food, chorizo and chicken paella
Lomo saltado – Sauteed filet mignon served with rice and fries (typical Peruvian dish)
Shrimps and scallops stuffed salmon served with rice and bechamel sauce
Filet mignon bourguignon beef served with Oka and Brie dauphinoise
Home made fettuccinis with Alfredo sauce and permegiana veal
Filet mignon with foie gras sauce served with rosemary potates cooked in duck fat
Squash and ricotta fresh pasta lasagna, served with braised lamb and marinara sauce
Scoter filet and its blue butter served with mushroom gnocchis and truffle aroma
Veal Osso Buco served with parmesan polenta
Honey and chipotle salmon, cooked sous-vide, served with rice and fresh vegetables


Dulce de leche brownies
Carrot cake served in mini jars
Fried chocolate bar and ice cream
Apple and goat cheese crepes
Peach and dulce de leche crepes
Four milk cake
Frangelico Affogato
Caramel, chocolate and peanuts cream
Macarons (2/person)
Summer squares (rasberries and yoghurt)
Creamy strawberry mousse

On the side

Olive oil and balsamic cream (crusty bread)
Home made olive tapenade (crusty bread)
Ceasar’s butter (crusty bread) 1,50$/person
Bruschetta (crusty bread) 1,50$/person
Feta butter and fresh herbs (crusty bread) 2$/person
Humus and taboulé (pita bread) 1,50$/person
Home made duck rillettes (crusty bread) 2$/person
Entire melted Brie, maple sirup and walnults (crusty bread) 2$/person


Tapas evening

Package A : 7 amuse-gueules, 44,99$/person
Package B : 10 amuse-gueules, 54,99$/person
Package C : 12 amuse-gueules, 59,99$/person

Minimum of 20 people.
Waiters included.



Saumosago tartar
Tempura meatballs
Black sausage and shallot crustinis
Mini chicken empanadas
Mini beef empanadas
Small boat filled with lemon-flavored meats and pinions
Squash donuts
Calu wontons
2 flavored shrimps
Fresh oysters
St-Jacques dumpling
Shrimp toast
Honey tempura Manchego
Reconstructed grec salad
Scoter and chimicuris crustinis
Asian sauté served in small chinese boxes
Beef and tomatoes kefta
Spicy tuna stuffed cucombers
Bocconcini tomatoes
Small Endives, chocolate and artichoke bite

* It is possible to personalize even more. You simply have to contact us!
* Please don’t forget to mention any restrictions or allergies that you or your guests may have.
*Additionnal charges may apply if you are located out of our usual zone. Please contact us for more information.